Eligibility Rules that Reference Other Rules Can Sometimes not be Savable

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Reference Number: 2918

Summary: When editing an eligibility rule, removing a reference to another eligibility rule can result in an error when attempting to save, even if the syntax of the rule is actually valid. This may happen since eligibility rules that are used by other items are unable to change their return types.


  1. Create an eligibility rule that references another eligibility rule
  2. Save the rule
  3. Edit the rule
  4. Remove the reference to the other eligibility rule and try to save. Notice that if the return type is different that an error will be displayed.

Expected behavior: Eligibility rules that previously referenced other rules should save when syntax is valid.

Actual behavior: Eligibility rules that previously referenced other rules sometimes are not savable when syntax is valid.

Workaround: Explicitly modify the rule so that the return type is the same as when the rule previously referenced another rule. For example, if the portion of the rule that was modified was expected to return true, simply add "= true" to the rule. After saving the modified rule, the rule can be edited again and this redundant statement can be removed.

Status: Added to Backlog

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