How to capture a HAR file

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To help investigate ONE issues at your Web Touchpoints, you might be required to generate a HAR file, that can be used by ONE Support.  


The following steps can be used to generate a HAR file in your Chrome Browser:  

In your browser tab, navigate to View > Developer > Developer Tools 



A panel will appear at the bottom of your screen, select the Networks tab, and ensure you are recording network activity (red record option is active) and have selected to Preserve Log.  



In the same tab, navigate to your web browser to reproduce the issue.  

Once you have completed the steps to reproduce your issue, save a HAR file by right clicking inside the network panel.  



The saved .har file can then be attached to your customer case at ONE Support.

Please keep in mind, the HAR file will record all the data that you submit during your session, including sensitive data.  

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