Dynamic Actions with Pre-existing Optimizations

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When Dynamic Actions are enabled for your workspace, all existing Optimizations are eligible to pull from the Dynamic Actions list by default. 

If Dynamic Actions is enabled on your space and you have Optimization Points that you do not want to pull from your Dynamic Actions resource, then you will need to update your existing Optimization Points to use the ‘ONE Actions’ option in the Action Scope drop-down.

To do this, do the following:

  1. Go to Collect > Interaction Point

  2. Click on an Interaction Point which has an existing Optimization Point.

  3. Click on edit icon next to the Optimization Point

  4. Under Action Scope ensure the option ‘ONE Actions’ is selectedmceclip0.png

Alternatively, if you want the Optimization Point to only pull from the Dynamic Actions resource, select ‘Dynamic Actions’.


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