Rules: Proposition Codes decisioning only working with lower case values

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Reference Number: 610


Using a Proposition Code in a rule captured from an attribute does not match an existing proposition code in decisioning unless it is captured in lower case. This happens regardless of the Proposition Code value on the proposition due to decisioning treating all proposition codes as lower case values.


  1. Create a Proposition with a Proposition Code.
  2. Create a Touchpoint and Interaction.
  3. Create an Attribute Capture Point to capture a value.
  4. Create an Eligibility Rule that matches on the Proposition Code value from step 1.
  5. Create a Pull Structure that utilizes the Eligibility Rule.
  6. Publish the changes.
  7. Trigger the interaction, capturing the Proposition Code value in mixed Case.
  8. Navigate to the Monitor page and monitor your Data Structure on the right panel.

Expected behavior: The data structure should show True for the matched expression.

Actual behavior: The data structure shows False for the expression.

Workaround: Capture proposition code values in lower case when sending them to ONE for decisioning.

Status: Resolved

Resolution Summary: We have added new functions for "lower case of..." and "equals (ignore case)" to help with dealing with Proposition Code comparisons. When writing expressions to match values to a proposition code value, please use one of those functions to compare the captured value with the proposition code value stored in ONE.

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