Releases Shows the Same Changes on All Pages

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Reference Number: 1363


The releases page shows a list of all the changes made for a release. Any pages following the first page will only display the changes listed on the first page. The page selection is ignored.


  1. Publish a change with more than 20 changes
  2. Set the items per page field to "10"
  3. Go to page 2
  4. Notice that the changes listed on page 2 are the same as page 1

Expected behavior: The releases page should show the changes for the corresponding page.

Actual behavior: The releases page only shows the changes for the first page regardless of the page selection.

Workaround: Set the items per page field to "100" to view 100 changes. If there are more than 100 changes, there is currently no way to view them.

Status: Added to Backlog

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