Dependency Link in "Lifecycle Stages & Activity Types" Goes To Actions Instead of the Correct Entity

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Reference Number: 1904

Summary: When deleting an activity that has used dependencies from the "Lifecycle Stages & Activity Types" page, a list is displayed of the used dependencies. The user can click on one of these dependencies to go to it directly. However, on this page, these dependency links are broken and do not take the user to the intended entity.


  1. Create an Activity Type
  2. Configure an Activity Capture Point to capture using the Activity Type
  3. Go delete the activity type to get the dependency modal to pop.
  4. In the links in the dependency modal, notice how it routes the user to the Actions page instead of Activity Capture Point.

Expected Behavior: Clicking the dependency link goes to the entity in question.

Actual Behavior: Clicking the dependency link goes to the Actions page.

Workaround: Navigate by hand to the entity that has the dependency instead of using the link.

Status: Added to Backlog

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